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Active Management

Our core belief is that clients will benefit from having their investments actively managed by both Fund Managers of collective funds and also a Wealth Manager. This can offer the opportunity for regular and consistent involvement in managing your portfolio and agreeing recommendations going forward or even allowing the Wealth Manager to manage the portfolio at discretion on your behalf.

Our approach is to invest the core of a portfolio within actively managed investments and that any satellite coverage may be invested as a passive approach, to allow investment in more specific areas, like country or sector indices.

Buy List
A buy list is an inventory of researched investments that meet our quantitative and qualitative criteria. Once an investor's needs have been identified, investments can be selected from this list to meet the investor's risk and requirement objectives. Continual review of the buy list means the investor has the comfort that these investments will offer ongoing suitability.

Our buy list is reviewed each month at the Invest Together Investment Committee meeting. Failure of any investment meeting the criteria may result in it going on review and ultimately complete removal from our buy list. This triggers a client contact to consider new options.

  Managing Costs
One way that we reduce costs to the investors is by using directly held investments such as stocks and shares, corporate bonds and gilts. We have always offered institutional collective share classes where available. However, following the changes to adviser charging on collective investments we now also offer clean share class funds, which are more cost effective than the retail share classes.

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