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There are many types of investments, which offer different outcomes and potential returns to investors. The potential returns are often linked to the level of risk that an investor is prepared to accept or needs to take in order to meet their objectives.

"Loanership" style investments are where the investor lends money to an organisation for agreed regular interest payments and the return of capital. Typical loanership investments are deposit accounts, NS&I investments including premium bonds, cash ISAs, corporate bonds and government gilts. .

"Ownership" style investments are contrary to loanership investments, as the investors are partial or full owners of the asset and benefit from the capital growth and/or the income stream generated. Typical ownership investments are property, antiques, a private business or owning shares of a larger commercial organisation, such as Marks & Spencer. Ownership investments should be held for the long-term, where they are far more likely to generate returns over and above inflation.

  We believe that clients will benefit from owning investments based in the Western World that can demonstrate a good track record. This generally means being a market leader in their industry with a market capitalisation in excess of £1bn. In addition we seek an experienced management team that can show both a history and a future projection of increased earnings. For clients requiring an income, we favour shares that offer a rising dividend to combat the impact of inflation over time.

When we recommend equity investments outside of the Western World, we mostly consider that collective funds offer better solutions on regional expertise in areas like culture, political risk, currency risk and taxation.
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