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Market Risk
Changes in the market due to news reflecting economic and international events, changes in fiscal or monetary policy or regulations: we believe you can't avoid this risk if you own shares, funds or bonds, however, by holding quality investments over the long term and actively managing them, they should bounce back.

Specific Risk
This is the risk inherent with holding individual shares and the effect of decisions on the value of that share: we believe by limiting the holding in a single share to no more than 5% of your overall investments and diversifying among at least twenty shares, you will limit the overall volatility of your portfolio.

  Liquidity Risk
Investors need to consider that you may not always find a buyer for an investment when you want to sell it. Therefore you may need to wait before selling, lower your expected selling price or even concede a penalty: we believe to lower this risk, it is better to hold regularly traded investments and to limit those with previous liquidity issues. This does not necessarily remove the risk, but will offer a greater chance of successfully trading them, when you need to.

Our belief is that most investors are aware of market risks, but not fully aware of the impact of the less noticeable types such as inflation and interest rate risk. Portfolio management is a delicate balance between mitigating risk and achieving the return required to reach the investment objective. We aim to create portfolios that match the investor's aims and risk tolerance by carrying out an individual assessment.

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